We are RAD

RAD is a volunteer-run, non-profit dog rescue group founded and run by three people who are experienced in and dedicated to the welfare of our canine friends. RAD aims to rehabilitate and save dogs who because of age, health or behavioral issues are especially vulnerable and severely at risk of being failed by the system. RAD primarily pulls dog from the Pima County animal shelter (PACC).


Brooke Basteen is a foster professional. She's fostered over 200 dogs, including pooches with major behavioral issues. She's also worked with multiple momma dogs and cats with litters. 

Brooke is a vet tech supporting the local dog and cat community. In her free time she enjoys four-wheeling at the dunes with her fur kids, Studley Dudley, Pheobe, JD and Sedona.


Bridget McEwen has been a long-time supporter of the rescue world and a tremendous volunteer. To our extreme delight, she applied to be on our board with the recent opening and we didn't think twice!

Bridget has been involved in rescue, some way or another, for many years. She was a volunteer dog walker and adoption counselor at Pima Animal Care Center before she began fostering. Three years later there are over 23 dogs adopted, some with serious medical issues and others that just needed time to adjust. Bridget is an asset to the rescue community and we are SO incredibly grateful to have her on board.


Haley Clauges has been involved in rescue and fostering since 2012, starting with small dogs. Her love for fostering small dogs developed into a passion for all sizes of animals that have a harder time finding a forever home; hospice, medical, neonatal, senior, and unsocialized/shy dogs. She is a volunteer at Pima Animal Care Center, with a focus on the Decompression Program.

Haley spends her free time with her human daughter, Brielle, who loves all their fur babies just as much as her mom.