We are RAD

RAD is a volunteer-run, non-profit dog rescue group founded and run by three people who are experienced in and dedicated to the welfare of our canine friends. RAD aims to rehabilitate and save dogs who because of age, health or behavioral issues are especially vulnerable and severely at risk of being failed by the system. RAD primarily pulls dog from the Pima County animal shelter (PACC).


Brooke Basteen is a foster professional. She's fostered over 200 dogs, including pooches with major behavioral issues. She's also worked with multiple momma dogs and cats with litters. 

Brooke is a vet tech supporting the local dog and cat community. In her free time she enjoys four-wheeling at the dunes with her fur kids, Studley Dudley, Pheobe, JD and Sedona.


Jenifer Land got into rescue a little over a year ago, fostering medical dogs out of PACC. Dogs quickly became an essential part of her life. After fostering her first "behavior dog," Jenifer understood that there is no such thing as a bad dog, just a broken spirit in need of love and guidance.

Jenifer and her husband are the proud fur parents to Athena and foster-failure Zeus.


Cara Ryan and her husband Sean have been in dog rescue for many years. Working mainly with bully breeds and seniors, Cara has a passion and gift for providing love to those who have previously lacked it. 

Cara has fostered a ton of dogs, most with medical issues, and she does so with a perpetual smile on her face. Cara and Sean's current pack includes Pippy, Honey, Lucky, Fiesta and Missy.