RAD Dogs

So you have decided on a “RAD” dog. Please complete our adoption application to begin the process.

- Once you have completed the adoption application, we will be in contact with you to determine if the dog you have selected fits your home/lifestyle as well as to discuss previous pet experience.

-We will contact your veterinarian (if applicable) to ensure current pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and routinely cared for.

-If you rent your home, we do require to check with your landlord to ensure dogs are permitted and that there are no size or breed restrictions that will hinder your application.

-We also conduct a yard check. This includes coming to your home to see the environment where the dog will live and ensure the utmost safety. The yard check is typically when you will begin your trial adoption after completing your adoption agreement. We allot 7 days for the dog to live with you in your home; giving you both time to adjust to having a new pet as well as ensuring you have made the right decision.

-Your adoption fee (see fees below) will be held until the 7th day at which point we will finalize the adoption, transfer the county license to your name/address and send all copies of applicable medical records to you, the new owner.

Our adoption fees are:

-Puppies (6 months and under): $250* (*This includes the adoption fee as well as a 6 week Puppy Obedience Class in Tucson to help you and your puppy bond through obedience and ensure everyone is set up for success.)

-Seniors (7 years and older): $95

-Adults (7 months - 7 years): $125

Our adoption fees include spay or neuter of your new pet, a microchip, and current vaccinations applicable to the age of the dog you are adopting.



Daffy is a five-year-old American Bulldog mix who weighs approximately 70 lbs. Daffy likes back scratches and cuddles, slobbery kisses and tug toys. He gets along with like-size dogs, but prefers a home without little dogs or cats. Daffy lives up to his name quite well: he's your typical doofy, goofy, silly bulldog. He's clumsy and playful, he's a happy guy who will make a great addition to your family. We prefer Daffy go to a home without small children due to his size and graceless nature.

Adoption Fee: $125

Comes with private training with K9 Guidance to Inclusion with lifelong support.



Kai is a beautiful young two-to-three-year-old, Tucson Brown mix - Pit mix male. He has a gentle spirit, despite what was clearly a rough and troubled life in his puppy years. Thanks to the wonderful decompression volunteers at Pima Animal Care Center and to his very patient and loving fosters, Kai is learning to trust again. Kai gets along well with other like-sized dogs and gains more confidence with other K9 friends. He loves romping in the yard; as he becomes more
comfortable with people, he will follow you around the house. He knows the squeak of the treat jar and he's gone thru obedience training
with our good friend Lindsay. We are looking for someone to love and respect Kai - he will never be a cuddly dog and should not be an only dog.

Adoption Fee: $125

z-Sweet Pea2

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a 3-4 year old spayed, female Boxer/Pit mix who is as sweet as her name suggests. She is house-broken and crate-trained and gets along well with like-sized dogs as well as cats and children. Sweet Pea is diabetic and blind and will require a home committed to her on-going needs.

She enjoys going for car rides and walks very well on a leash. Sweet Pea comes with a six-month treat sponsorship from our friends at Dogabetix - Diabetic approved dog treats.

Adoption Fee: $125


Clara - Looking for a new foster

Clara is a young (2 year old) sweet, spayed female Pit mix who loves to cuddle and "smiles" when she is happy. She looks lovingly at you as she sits and waits for her treats. She is still working on co-existing with other dogs and will need either a confident pack leader to ensure successful integration or an only-dog home. She does not like being left in a crate while you are away, so a secure yard with a doggy door would be ideal. Clara is also currently undergoing obedience training,  and her adopters will receive training upon her transition to adoption as well. Clara needs a new foster while she waits to find her forever home.

Adoption Fee: $125



Harmony is a 13-month-old old Lab/Heeler mix spayed female. She is a shy little girl who came to us from Pima Animal Care Center. She lives with several small kids as well as other dogs and does well with all. She needs a home willing to give her time to adjust to her new
surroundings but once she bonds to you, it's for LIFE.

Adoption Fee: $125


Noggin -  Adoption Pending

Noggin is a five-year-old, neutered male Stafordshire Terrier. He is a low-rider, snorting, snoring, piggy Pittie. Although he is compact in size, his personality is larger than life. Noggin lives with other dogs and does well with small children; however, if going to a home with other dogs, a meet-and-greet will be required. He loves to play in the water and his kiddie pool during the summer months. Noggin would prefer a couch-potato lifestyle next to a large fan to keep him cool and comfy. No cats!

Adoption Fee: $125



Missy - Looking for a new foster

Missy is our sweet, petite three-year-old Pit mix girl. She is crate trained, house broken and a complete love with people and kids. She needs a home with non-dominant dogs and absolutely no little dogs or cats. She does fine with dogs that give her space and are not "in your face" kind of dogs. She loves to play fetch, still working on "drop it," and rides quietly and contently in the car. Missy is looking for a foster home while she waits to find her forever home.

Adoption Fee: $125




Rocky is a wonderful 10-year-old blind diabetic Pomeranian. He is surprisingly confident for being blind and uses his other senses so heavily you might not immediately know he's blind (other than his cloudy eyes).

He is UBER friendly and just loves everyone he meets - has done well with big dogs, little dogs and even kids. Cats unknown.

Rocky is crate trained, house trained and knows how to use the doggy door. He LOVES car rides and he's very spry and a good walker. This tiny guy is so well behaved and does great with everyone he meets.

Rocky also easily takes his insulin injections twice daily.

Adoption Fee: $95



Daisy May

Daisy May is 10 years young. She's a spayed Cocker Spaniel mix. Daisy is currently unavailable (medical).

This girl is about as sweet and lovable as they come. Absolutely loves her people and everyone else, gets along with dogs of all sizes (kids and cats unknown).

Adoption Fee: Sweet Senior $95



Goldie is a two-and-a-half-year-old old, super sweet spayed female Shepherd mix. She needs a seeds secure yard (Goldie can jump a six-foot block wall).

Goldie gets along with other dogs, but is still working on leash manners (she's a strong girl but responding and learning quickly).

Adoption Fee: $125



Molly is a one-year-old old spayed female (small 20lbs). She gets along with other dogs, had no reaction to cats, and we don't know about kids.
Leash manners are good, needs secure yard and a home committed to her. Sweet with people.

Adoption Fee: $125



Jazz is about a year old. He is a neutered, male mixed breed, medium size (~40lbs).  Jazz loves other dogs and children, but he’s not too sure about cats. He is very cautious and a little unsure with new people and surroundings, but adapts fairly quickly.  Jazz is crate-trained and housebroken; he knows sit and down, but has not yet mastered the “come” command (he believes it starts a game of tag and chase).  Jazz loves toys, especially his ball and stuffies - beware toys, this boy has made it his mission to destroy all the stuffed toys out there.  Jazz can be very protective of his people and his territory but he takes corrections easy and tends to learn rather quickly what is acceptable and what is not. He loves any and all attention he can get from his people and he’s looking for people to call his forever.

Adoption Fee: $125



Jaxson is a four-year-old neutered male Shepherd/Aussi Shepherd.
Jaxson loves road trips! He is leash trained, house trained, doesn't jump on people, takes correction and knows all of his basic obedience commands. Jaxson has been living on a small ranch with three horses and six dogs; he was a little scared since he had never been around horses before but he was ready to take on a whole new experience. Jaxson is very resilient, but it takes a bit for him to warm up to new people.

Jaxson learned to enjoy the freedom to run in open spaces and do basic dog things, like roll in the dirt, chase lizards and watch the sunrise. He's also learned how to conduct himself properly off leash. Once you have earned Jaxson's trust, he is the most loyal friend you could ever have. Even though he is off leash and has acres of open land to run, he never is never far from the barn or house and has good recall. Jaxson likes to keep a watchful eye over his human companions.

Jaxson is moderate to low energy and loves to hang out in the shade and nap. Having room to run would be great as regular exercise is key for his mental and emotional health. Jaxson is highly food motivated, but not food aggressive. He never tries to steal the food of his doggie pals. Jaxson is easy to correct and listens well to a confident and consistent handler. Jaxson is great around balanced and social dogs of all sizes and energy levels. Proper introduction into a new dog pack is key. No cats and depending on the situation, no small children.
Seeking a very special forever home!

Adoption Fee: $125


Payaso -  Adoption Pending