Hopeful Hounds

Early in 2018 PACC was called in on a special hoarding case: about  25+ dogs (from young pups to seniors) had spent their entire lives in a small yard in a Marana home. The wife had passed, and the husband could not take care of her “babies.” Four local rescue organizations relocated the dogs: 12 went to PACC, 4 to HOPE Animal Rescue, 4 to Humane Society of Southern AZ, and 2 to Rockstar Rescue in Phoenix.

The dogs had little human socialization and had never been on a leash or even inside a home. The 12 at PACC had a rough go. They've come a long way but very few are ready for adoption; they may never be. Shat could be done for these pooches.

Enter RAD Rescue. RAD decided to create and maintain a sanctuary, or haven, where these dogs could be kept, worked with, and live as long as necessary. Volunteers, who have given their blood, sweat, and tears to these amazing dogs, will continue to tend to them. A very generous supporter (and fellow PACC volunteer) donated a piece of property to create this Haven for Hopeful Hounds. The property has an existing building (that needs some work), and the volunteers have worked hard to build other structures and facilities where the pooches can live out their remaining days, or continue to be worked with by volunteers, until they can be adopted.

RAD Rescue and these volunteers need all kinds of help: more volunteers, dog food, kennels, veterinary treatments, money. You name it - we can use it. Won't you pitch in. Help us or sponsor one of these sweet doggies.