Hopeful Huskies

In late 2018, Pima Animal Care Center began working with a home that had over several dozen Huskies and Malamutes. Pima Animal Care Center started doing managed intake, taking a few of the dogs at a time, to help them get adopted.

However, the majority of dogs from this home have a very strong pack mentality. Once they are separated from their pack mates, they begin going to extreme lengths to escape. They can jump 10+ foot walls, they can break out of kennels, they will try to burst through doors or windows. The majority of the dogs adopted out of PACC got lost within the first few days.

RAD Rescue, Inc. began working with PACC to start placing these dogs into suitable foster homes, where they can be rehabilitated and eventually adopted.

They will be placed in pairs, and we will evaluate them behaviorally to determine what each individual dog needs to be successful. We also provided the most useful supplies to their fosters; such as GPS collars (in the event they are lost) and strong kennels.

Please continue to watch for updates on the new arrivals of these dogs, and the pairs as they become adoptable.

And please consider donating to their care and supplies, or purchase something from their Amazon wishlist.