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If you want to adopt a RAD dog please fill out this application completely and press the SendĀ button when you're done.


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Name of applicant
I voluntarily enter into this adoption agreement to provide a forever home as a caregiver to the animal(s) RAD Rescue, Inc. places in my care. I agree:

  1. I am 18 years of age.
  2. To pay a rehoming fee as means of adoption for my new Dog.
  3. I am assuming full responsibility for the care and expenses of Dog is the adoption approved and I accept Dog as is, assuming all risks associated with the ownership of Dog. I fully and completely release, indemnify and hold harmless finder from any claim, cause of action or liability of any sort or nature in connection with the adoption, care, ownership, maintenance, temperament, or condition of Dog.

  4. I am adopting Dog for myself and I agree not to give away, sell, or trade Dog.
  5. I will not take Dog to any shelter or abandon Dog and I agree to notify RAD Rescue, Inc. without delay if I can no longer care for or keep Dog.
  6. I will provide a humane environment, regular exercise and companionship for Dog.
  7. Dog will be maintained in a securely enclosed area or on a leash at all times. Dog will not be allowed to roam at will and at no time will be maintained as a yard dog or on a chain, tether or pulley system.
  8. To have Dog vaccinated annually, as well as licensed as required by law, and to abide by all animal control laws.
  9. To provide RAD Rescue representatives access to my home and property for a home/yard inspection if requested prior to adoption approval.
  10. I understand that RAD Rescue provides no guarantee to the health of Dog, its medical needs, socialization problems and/or behavior requirements.

I agree that my typed signature below is equivalent to a binding handwritten signature.


Date [as YYYY-MM-DD] *

RAD Rescue follows and adheres to the policies set forth by Pima Animal Control and the Pima County Health Department in regards to bites and/or attacks on other animals or humans.