What to Do If You Find a Lost Pet

Here is a checklist of information which might help you find the pet's owner:

  • Check for tags and attempt to contact owner. If there is a Pima County license, call PACC for identification of owner (520-724-5900, option 3).
  • Contact the microchip company if there is a tag indicating the pet has a chip. A yellow tag is a microchip ID for 24petwatch (1.866.597.2424)
  • Have the pet scanned for a microchip at any vet office, PACC or HSSA, including the 24 hour emergency vet clinics in the area. There is no charge for this service at any of these locations. Some PetSmart locations also provide this free service during certain hours. You should call PetSmart before going to the closest store to find out if that store offers the service.
  • Report the pet to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona Lost and Found (HSSA) (520-327-6088, ext. 111).
  • Report to Pima County Lost and Found Pets (520- 724-5900, option 3). Pima County also has a Facebook page for this.
  • Post a Found notice on craigslist with photo and details of where and when found. Post in BOTH the Pets section and the Lost and Found section. Update daily and check for “lost pets.”
  • Make posters if possible and post them within a 3-mile radius and at stores or locations nearby.
  • Be cautious. Ask anyone who responds to provide a description of the animal: there are people who want to harm animals and use Craigslist and other "found dog" reports as sources. Ask to see photos and vet records for the pet.
  • If you can, keep the animal for a couple of days instead of taking it to the shelter. PACC (animal control) will pick up dogs (not cats), but they can take several days. If you must take the animal to a shelter, please consider the Humane Society of Southern Arizona first. The animal will be safer there and have more time. They do charge $45 to surrender a found pet, but it is worth the pet’s life.
  • If you find the pet's home, please remember to take down your posters! We would appreciate it if you would also notify this page that the pet is now home.