Nanny took her final trip over the Rainbow Bridge. She came to RAD a 12-year old PitBull/Greyhound mix in poor condition. She made a strong turnaround but her constitution was to damaged to maintain it.

Nanny was a real sweetheart. She spent her last days living a mellow lifestyle in a slow paced home with plenty of love and snuggles. She will be greatly missed.


Connor came to PACC as a homeless old man who had obviously been neglected and ill-treated for years. But even with this history he was a sweet and affectionate boy who loved everyone. He touched so many people it is almost staggering. RAD pulled Connor, and Amy and Cara gave him a great foster home. But despite everyone's best efforts we could not save him.

Connor's friends helped him on his last journey, grateful that they were able to give him love and a true home in his last months. Connor: you are loved and you will be missed. Run free now.


Our beautiful Annabell crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  Years of neglect took their toll on her; after a difficult morning, the decision was made, with the support of our team of vets, to humanely euthanize her.

We are so very thankful to Charly, who with the help of Amanda, saved this sweet girl. Thanks also to her amazing foster, Jenifer. It takes a special person to foster, it takes an angel to knowingly foster a hospice case.

Thank you all for your positive thoughts. We sent Annabell off knowing love and free from all pain.

You earned your wings, angel Annabell


Gypsy found her home and then sadly passed. She was a five-year-old Pit mix who loved cuddles, fluffy beds, lizards,  and cheese slices. She never liked those darn birds in the backyard. Rest in peace, sweet girl.







Lucky, a three-year-old female American Bulldog crossed the Rainbow Bridge quietly and peacefully surrounded by her RAD friends. Life and circumstances just couldn't align for this poor, sweet girl. RIP honey; you will be remembered.




Look at that face! Seriously. RIP, buddy.





Such a sweet boy. RIP, buddy.