RAD Dogs

So you have decided on a “RAD” dog. Please complete our adoption application to begin the process.

- Once you have completed the adoption application, we will be in contact with you to determine if the dog you have selected fits your home/lifestyle as well as to discuss previous pet experience.

-We will contact your veterinarian (if applicable) to ensure current pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and routinely cared for.

-If you rent your home, we do require to check with your landlord to ensure dogs are permitted and that there are no size or breed restrictions that will hinder your application.

-We also conduct a yard check. This includes coming to your home to see the environment where the dog will live and ensure the utmost safety. The yard check is typically when you will begin your trial adoption after completing your adoption agreement. We allot 7 days for the dog to live with you in your home; giving you both time to adjust to having a new pet as well as ensuring you have made the right decision.

-Your adoption fee (see fees below) will be held until the 7th day at which point we will finalize the adoption, transfer the county license to your name/address and send all copies of applicable medical records to you, the new owner.

Our adoption fees are:

-Puppies (6 months and under): $250* (*This includes the adoption fee as well as a 6 week Puppy Obedience Class in Tucson to help you and your puppy bond through obedience and ensure everyone is set up for success.)

-Seniors (7 years and older): $95

-Adults (7 months - 7 years): $125

Our adoption fees include spay or neuter of your new pet, a microchip, and current vaccinations applicable to the age of the dog you are adopting.



Reeva is an 11-month old Pit/Great Pyrenes mix girl. She is already 60lbs and we expect that she will still grow some before she is done. Reeva does great with other dogs and loves children. She has a sweet and very nice disposition, she takes corrections well and is learning new things all the time. Some things are new and scary for her still as her start in life was with many brothers and sisters on a ranch setting, but she is learning to trust and coming along nicely.  Reeve is house broken and crate trained and she knows the command "sit."

Adoption Fee: $125



Mayzie - Adoption Pending

Mayzie is a 6-month old, female Terrier mix puppy. She has quickly learned to enjoy playing with toys as well as playing with her foster sister, an adult terrier. Mayzie also loves affection from humans and gives lots of kisses - however, she can take a little bit to open up to new people and surroundings, so a patient home is vital. She is still getting the hang of walking on a leash but she is smart and a quick study. She's responsive to correction and already knows the command "sit" and is working on "lie down". She is house-broken but has not used a crate. She has not been tested around cats, children or large dogs. Includes 5 Weeks Puppy Obedience training classes with The Complete Canine in Tucson.

Adoption Fee: $250


Boomer and Bailey2

Boomer & Bailey-Adoption Pending

Bailey and Boomer are approximately 8-month old Mini Poodle mixes. They both love to play with each other and lie in a nice, warm lap. They have both been fixed, microchipped, are up to date on their shots, and they’re both crate trained. They like to go on walks, chew on their teddy bears, and give kisses!

Adoption Fee: $125 each.


001 dback2


Dback is a lovely little pittie mix who enjoys playing with his foster siblings and snuggling with anyone that will let him. Dback came to RAD Rescue when he was surrendered at the emergency hospital after being bit by a rattlesnake. Dback has been neutered and fully vaccinated and is now looking for his forever home. Dback comes with 5 weeks of Puppy Obedience training classes at The Complete Canine in Tucson.

Adoption Fee: $250



Ernest - Adoption Pending

Ernie is a 5-year old, neutered male retriever mix who is pretty much the cutest dog you've ever seen, right? Ernie is fully equipped with four legs ready for long walks, very expressive ears for all your listening needs, a strong pack mentality (would do best with a canine companion), a shy outer shell with goofy insides, and a belly that loves a good rub. Ernie is a shy guy looking for a home that will understand his needs and take time to allow him to adjust. Ernie has Valley Fever and is treated with monthly Fluconazole.

Adoption Fee: $125


Shadow - Adoption Pending



Lucy is an approximately 8-years young, spayed female Boxer. She is the snuggle-iest dog! She loves people and loves sleeping right next to you. She gets along with big dogs (meet and greets always required); little dogs and cats are unknown. A family with older kids and fun things to do would be her ideal place to rest. Lucy does NOT like being in a kennel, but she is not destructive when left out either. Lucy has a life-long autoimmune disease called pemphigus; she takes medicine for it and likely will the rest of her life. She is learning to walk nicely on a leash and loves to go to restaurants and enjoys the patios.

Adoption Fee: Sweet Senior $95



Nanny needs a new foster - only-dog home preferred/

Nanny is a 12-year old spayed female PitBull/Greyhound mix who came to RAD Rescue in poor condition. She's made a full turn around and is doing great. Nanny has Valley Fever, but takes her meds like a champ if you don't mind making soft food meatballs for her daily.

Nanny lives with multiple cats and previously lived with small children and she does fine, but she needs to have a home with no other dogs. Nanny likes to live a mellow lifestyle with many naps incorporated into her day. A slow paced home with plenty a love and snuggles is her ideal match.

Sweet Senior Adoption Fee: $95



Kai is a beautiful young two-to-three-year-old, Tucson Brown mix - Pit mix male. He has a gentle spirit, despite what was clearly a rough and troubled life in his puppy years. Thanks to the wonderful decompression volunteers at Pima Animal Care Center and to his very patient and loving fosters, Kai is learning to trust again. Kai gets along well with other like-sized dogs and gains more confidence with other K9 friends. He loves romping in the yard; as he becomes more
comfortable with people, he will follow you around the house. He knows the squeak of the treat jar and he's gone thru obedience training
with our good friend Lindsay. We are looking for someone to love and respect Kai - he will never be a cuddly dog and should not be an only dog.

Adoption Fee: $125

z-Sweet Pea2

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a three-to-four-year-old spayed female Boxer/Pit mix who is as sweet as her name suggests. She is house-broken and crate-trained. Sweet Pea is diabetic and blind; she needs to be an only dog with a home committed to her on-going needs.

She enjoys going for car rides and walks very well on a leash. Sweet Pea comes with 2 FREE lessons with Bandana Dog Training, Tucson, 6 months of insulin sponsorship, 6 months of diabetic dog treats from Dogabetix, and her adoption fee sponsored by PinkHoney Candle to an approved home.

Adoption Fee: $125


Clara - Looking for a new foster

Clara is a young (2 year old) sweet, spayed female Pit mix who loves to cuddle and "smiles" when she is happy. She looks lovingly at you as she sits and waits for her treats. She is still working on co-existing with other dogs and will need either a confident pack leader to ensure successful integration or an only-dog home. She does not like being left in a crate while you are away, so a secure yard with a doggy door would be ideal. Clara is also currently undergoing obedience training,  and her adopters will receive training upon her transition to adoption as well. Clara needs a new foster while she waits to find her forever home.

Adoption Fee: $125


Missy - Looking for a new foster

Missy is our sweet, petite three-year-old Pit mix girl. She is crate trained, house broken and a complete love with people and kids. She needs a home with non-dominant dogs and absolutely no little dogs or cats. She does fine with dogs that give her space and are not "in your face" kind of dogs. She loves to play fetch, still working on "drop it," and rides quietly and contently in the car.

Missy is looking for a foster home while she waits to find her forever home. Currently enrolled with Tucson Off-Leash Dog Trainers working on her behavior needs.

Adoption Fee: $125



Enna - Adoption Pending

Enna is young female heeler mix puppy. She is a petite girl (about 25 lbs) about 6 months old. Adoption fee includes 5 week Puppy Training classes with The Complete Canine in Tucson. Adoption Fee: $250

Adoption Fee: $250


09 Riley2


Hello Friends! I’m Riley, I'm about a year and a half old and the perfect size at 37lbs! I’m crate trained and house broken, and you can even leave me out of my crate up to 5 hours (I haven’t gone longer roaming the house without my foster mom but she’s pretty confident that I would be fine). I’m wary of strangers, though my foster mom is helping me gain more confidence. Since I’ve been with her, strangers are becoming less scary to me. It takes me a while to warm to people, but once I get to know you, man do I love to play! Rope toys, chew things, and anything I can thrash around are my favorites. I love to play fetch though I haven’t quite learned “drop it”. I’m pretty sure I could play for hours.

I know my basic commands (sit, down, stand, stay, come, leave it, look) and I’m working on mastering them. I’m super treat motivated and smart, so I’m sure I’ll be able to learn more commands from you! I would like my forever person to be active so I can keep busy by going on walks/runs, training classes, or having lots of play time! I’ll be patiently waiting for my forever person!

Adoption Fee: $125