RAD Dogs

So you have decided on a “RAD” dog. Please complete our adoption application to begin the process.

- Once you have completed the adoption application, we will be in contact with you to determine if the dog you have selected fits your home/lifestyle as well as to discuss previous pet experience.

-We will contact your veterinarian (if applicable) to ensure current pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and routinely cared for.

-If you rent your home, we do require to check with your landlord to ensure dogs are permitted and that there are no size or breed restrictions that will hinder your application.

-We also conduct a yard check. This includes coming to your home to see the environment where the dog will live and ensure the utmost safety. The yard check is typically when you will begin your trial adoption after completing your adoption agreement. We allot 7 days for the dog to live with you in your home; giving you both time to adjust to having a new pet as well as ensuring you have made the right decision.

-Your adoption fee (see fees below) will be held until the 7th day at which point we will finalize the adoption, transfer the county license to your name/address and send all copies of applicable medical records to you, the new owner.

Our adoption fees are:

-Puppies (6 months and under): $250* (*This includes the adoption fee as well as a 6 week Puppy Obedience Class in Tucson to help you and your puppy bond through obedience and ensure everyone is set up for success.)

-Seniors (7 years and older): $95

-Adults (7 months - 7 years): $125

Our adoption fees include spay or neuter of your new pet, a microchip, and current vaccinations applicable to the age of the dog you are adopting.


RAD Rescue is a Tucson-based dog rescue. 
We currently do not adopt dogs out of the state of Arizona.



Daffy is a six-year-old, neutered male purebred American Bulldog (Wisdom Panel DNA completed). Daffy is completely housebroken and crate-trained. He walks well on a leash and rides great in the car. He is your typical bulldog in that he can be extremely stubborn at times as well as a complete goof. Daffy requires a no-other-dog home as he prefers to be the center of your world. He is not a fan of cats or small children. In true bulldog form, Daffy is on a special limited-ingredient diet due his sensitive belly.

Daffy's adoption fee ($125) includes all shots and microchip as well as a large crate, chew proof crate pad, and XL bully bed. If you're interested in meeting Daffy, complete an application.




Hi, I’m Leo! I’m a 1.5 year old large Australian Shepard mix. I know sit, down, shake, stay, crate, place, and leave it. I walk well on the leash and am cat and dog friendly (intro required though). I am kind of shy at first but once I feel comfortable with you, expect tons of kisses! Given that food, chews, and balls are my favorites, I think they’re mine and don’t like them being taken away. My foster mom is going to be working on this with me. Since I’m so food and treat motivated, she believes I will learn to share and give things up.

I would do best in an adult-only home that can provide structure to my life. They would have to understand that given my breed, I need to work for everything I get. Otherwise I find other outlets to let out my energy. If you believe that we are a match made in heaven, please submit an application through RAD Rescue!

Adoption fee: $125




Lily is a four-year-old shepherd mix. She came into PACC incredibly shy and scared. Lily was found to have Distemper and had to spend several months in isolation. Every day she constantly improved but remains incredibly shy and fearful around new people and new situations. The past several months she has started to blossom into an incredibly sweet and happy dog. Every day she learns to trust her foster humans even more. If you would like to meet Lily, please submit an application.

Adoption fee: $125




Venti is a five-yea- old Great Dane. She is a petite Dane, weighing about 98 lbs. She is very cat, kid, and dog friendly. Venti was found running around in the desert, and after we submitted a lost report with the county and posted her online, no one ever claimed her. During this time, we found that Venti has Valley Fever and she had to have her tail amputated due to severe happy tail. Her Valley Fever is not contagious to other animals, and is treated with a daily pill thrown into her food.

Venti has been very protective over "her things," and has expressed her dislike of sharing food, toys, water, and bed with other animals. This can be managed, but does take some work on her "peoples" part if she lives with other animals. If you would like to meet Venti, please submit an adoption application to arrange a meet and greet today.

Adoption fee: $125




Altair is a five-year-old neutered, male Lab mix. Altair was found as a stray and spent 4+ months at the shelter. He is now building his confidence in a foster home. He is sweet and affectionate and LOVES tennis balls and wading pools. Altair needs a patient and calm adopter; he is very loyal once you gain his trust.

Altair does have some male selectivity, to both dogs and people, but has done well with his foster's four similarly sized female dogs and one smaller 25-lb male dog. He will need a home with small or young children.

Adoption fee: $125




Jack is a one and a half year-old neutered Heeler mix.He is crate-trained and LOVES toys. He is a big, goofy boy who gets along well with other dogs. Because of some head trauma due to  being hit by a car, he is not too steady on his feet but he is nonetheless learning Sit and Stay. He's very smart and eager to please his people.

Adoption fee: $125




DeeDee is a 3 yr old spayed female Golden/Shepherd mix who gets along with some other dogs - she will require a dog intro if going to a home with another dog. She needs a home with no cats or small animals. DeeDee has a tendency to guard her toys; however, she loves people. She is also very protective of her family and her home. DeeDee is crate-trained, house broken and knows sit. DeeDee was brought in as a stray after being hit by a car; she has healed from her accident; however, due to this, she will likely require joint management in the future.

Adoption fee: $125




Odin is a 4 year old neutered, male Pit mix. This chunky monkey is a silky-eared love bully. He's looking for his love connection - his forever companion. He just wants to be with you and he's into whatever you're into. He's house-broken, crate-trained and obedient. He knows sit, stay, come, heel, get your ball, where's your ball, bring me your ball, and go to bed. (Bonus - he's learning all the commands in Spanish, tambien.)

He needs some time and care to warm up to new people, especially men, but once he trusts you, you have a friend and companion for life. Mostly, he just wants to goof off and cuddle, and be your best friend. Odin previously lived with cats and other dogs, but a meet-and-greet is always required. He also does exceptionally well with kids.

Adoption Fee: $125




Petunia is an (approximately) 13-year-old English bulldog. She has some “wear and tear,” but is the happiest and goofiest girl you’ll ever meet. She is blind and has trouble getting around, but she will still find her way into a box or laundry basket if you leave one in her vicinity. Petunia is going to live the remainder of her golden years with her foster mom, until she decides it’s time to cross the rainbow bridge. Although Petunia is not adoptable, she really appreciates all your support and hopes you will consider some of her RAD Rescue friends.



Clara - Looking for a new foster

Clara is a young (2 year old) sweet, spayed female Pit mix who loves to cuddle and "smiles" when she is happy. She looks lovingly at you as she sits and waits for her treats. She is still working on co-existing with other dogs and will need either a confident pack leader to ensure successful integration or an only-dog home. She does not like being left in a crate while you are away, so a secure yard with a doggy door would be ideal. Clara is also currently undergoing obedience training,  and her adopters will receive training upon her transition to adoption as well. Clara needs a new foster while she waits to find her forever home.

Adoption Fee: $125