Success Stories

At RAD we're all about the dogs. But we never forget that it's all about the people too. So remember that behind every dog pictured here in our gallery of adoptions, there are one or more people who stepped up to to give a home to a dog in need of a home.




Bear & Tally














Mama Odie





ad-Sweet Pea2

Sweet Pea




Lady Liberty







ad-Boomer and Bailey2

Boomer & Bailey






Scooby - Adopted


001 Parker

Parker - Adopted



Taffy - Adopted



Duo - Adopted

Duo is a confident guy but he does need just a little time to warm up. Now he'll get all the time he needs.



Puppies - Adopted


Oreo - Adopted


Our friendly, spunky girl found a forever lap to call her own


Darby - Adopted


Darby is a young male pittie mix who is happy-go-lucky and full of fun. Love your new home and people, buddy.

aaa Frankie02

Frankie - Adopted

Frankie has a new home where she can be found snoozing the day away or frolicking around the yard with her canine companions.


Rocky - Adopted

Rocky is a wonderful 10-year-old blind diabetic Pomeranian. He is surprisingly confident for being blind and uses his other senses so heavily you might not immediately know he's blind. Enjoy.


Jazz - Adopted

Jazz is about a year old and has made it his mission to destroy all the stuffed toys out there. He loves any and all attention and now has people to call his own forever.


Stanley - Adopted

Stanley loves to chase a toy or run around the back yard. But most of the time he would rather just sit in your lap and cuddle (he LOVES belly rubs). Now he can.


Minnie - Adopted

Minnie (formerly Denny) is a older girl who is scared of the world but thanks to patience and lots of love she's coming to see humans aren't all that awful. She's found a nice easygoing home with people who will love her and give her the time and attention she needs to blossom.

Happy tails, sweetie.


Jaxson - Adopted

Jaxson is a four-year-old neutered male Shepherd/Aussi Shepherd. Once you have earned Jaxson's trust, he is the most loyal friend you could ever have. Jaxson likes to keep a watchful eye over his human companions.


Kloë - Adopted




Moonlight - Adopted

A pooch with a ball - classic.


08 Wicket2

Wicket - Adopted

Isn't he just the cutest guy ever!



Molly - Adopted

Molly is a one-year-old old spayed female (small 20lbs).



Harmony - Adopted

Harmony is a 13-month-old old Lab/Heeler mix spayed female. She is a shy little girl from Pima Animal Care Center. She finally found a home willing to give her time to adjust to her new surroundings: now in no time she'll bond for LIFE.



Daffy - Adopted

Daffy is a five-year-old American Bulldog mix who likes back scratches and cuddles, slobbery kisses and tug toys. Daffy lives up to his name quite well: he's your typical doofy, goofy, silly bulldog. He's clumsy and playful, he's a happy guy . . . and now he has his long-deserved forever home.



Noggin - Adopted

Noggin is a five-year-old, neutered male Stafordshire Terrier. He is a low-rider, snorting, snoring, piggy Pittie. He loves to play in the water and his kiddie pool during the summer months. Noggin is getting his preferred  couch-potato lifestyle next to a large fan to keep him cool and comfy.



Daisy May - Adopted

Daisy May is 10 years young. She's a spayed Cocker Spaniel mix. This girl is about as sweet and lovable as they come. Absolutely loves her people and everyone else, gets along with dogs of all sizes (kids and cats unknown). Now she's got a great home for her golden years.



Goldie - Adopted

Goldie is a two-and-a-half-year-old old, super sweet spayed female Shepherd mix. She's a strong girl but responding and learning quickly in her new home).



Payaso - Adopted

It's been a tough haul for Payaso . . . but she made it. Yippee!



Koobe - Adopted

Koobe is a very sweet, two-year-old, neutered male St Bernard (approximately 100lbs). He is fantastic with people and other dogs, although he hasn't been around any small dogs or cats yet.  This handsome guy is great with people but hasn't yet met any small children.



Smithers - Adopted

Smithers is a three-year-old, neutered Bulldog mix who  LOVES people, including kids. Smithers will likely have chronic skin issues for life due to the severity of the skin infection when we got him; manageable with good diet (grain free) and possibly occasional antibiotics but he's doing good.


Reeses - Adopted

The epitome of a sweet senior, RAD rescued Reeses (AKA Mariel) from Pima Animal Care Center. She is a 10-year-old Shepherd mix but she is TINY. She may be small in size, but her heart is huge and she is sweet as can be. She had some teeth removed at PACC and has a banged up nose and needs to gain a few pounds. And now she has a great new forever home.


Ariana - Adopted

Ariana is a wonderful Anatolian Shepherd who is approximately nine years young. She is technically a "senior" but she still has a lot of life left. She plays very well with other dogs but she has not been with livestock. And now she's off to her forever home.


Jupiter - Adopted

Jupiter is a petite (only 30lbs currently) seven-month-old, spayed Lab/Shar Pei mix. She is housebroken and working on crate training. She knows sit and gets along with all size dogs and does great with cats;  she is just the sweetest thing with people.


Chacho - Adopted

Chaco is a terrier mix with a loving and very energetic personality. He loves to play fetch and is always in a playful mood. He is very affectionate and likes to be by your side no matter what you are doing!! He will lay on your lap and relax with you as well!!


James - Adopted

James is a two- year-old neutered, male Pit Bull mix. James is considered a "special needs" dog because he recently had a rear leg amputation. He has healed nicely and adjusted great to three-legged living. James does well with other dogs, pending a successful meet and greet introduction, and he has lived successfully with cats as well.
He loves children and snuggling.


Elsa - Adopted

A friend of RAD found this girl in a semi rural area of Tucson. No collar, no chip, crawling with fleas, and severely underweight. Her name is now Elsa and she has a new forever home. She's good with other dogs and loves people. Enjoy sweetie: you deserve it.


Dory - Adopted

This little sweetie is a Lab/Pit mix who is growing like a weed. She loves water, playing and wrestling with other dogs, tug toys, and chew toys. She's working on "sit" and crate training.


Frankie - Adopted

Frankie is a three-year-old Wheaton Terrier/Cairn Terrier mixed with who knows what! He was pulled from Pima Animal Care Center; he was scared of pretty much everything and only wanted to run away. But now this awesome guy has spent some time with K9 Guidance To Inclusion going through a full training program. He has become a confident, focused and extremely thoughtful guy. And now he has a forever home. Way to go Frankie!


Miles - Adopted

Miles Davis is a sweet boy who has had a guardian angel or two along his path in life. He was a PACC alum who somehow got out from his fosters. He was found and taken in by a wonderful young college student. Now Miles, a beautiful two-year old dark brindle male Pit mix with containment phobia, has found his forever home and it's just what he needs: an active household that promises lots of walks and maybe even some hiking with folks who are committed to building on the progress he's made so far.


Cassius - Adopted

Cassius is a two-year-old Border Collie and Lab mixed with who knows what else! He came to us from Pima Animal Care Center, overactive and hyper as heck. He would pull hard on the leash, jump, mouth and bark at other dogs. This awesome dude has gone through a full training program. He has become relaxed and focused and engages completely with his handler. He loves playing and training and has blossomed into a social butterfly with people of all ages.


Pixie - Adopted

Pixie is a three-year-old Australian Shepherd/Queensland Heeler mix. She weighs approximately 25 lbs. She likes chicken, toys and playing around.


Junior - Adopted



Madison - Adopted

This 11-year-old sweetheart has found the home she deserves. Good luck, baby. Enjoy.

hunter2 copy

Hunter - Adopted

Hunter is a stunning, 18-month-old male, neutered Siberian Husky. He is fun, and spunky. He likes to run and knows basic obedience commands such as sit, down and place. He rides well in the back seat of the car and will settle in at home to cuddle.


Dougie - Adopted

Doug is a black Shepherd mix who is about four years old.  He was brought to RAD by a friend of ours.  He loves dogs, both big and small - but prefers his people to be bigger people (no little kids for this guy).  He's a big guy, tipping the scales at almost 100 lbs.  This guy has wiggled his way into his foster mom's heart and has found a forever home with her.  Congrats Doug!!!


Callie - Adopted

Callie is an adorable and very loving four-year-old female long hair Dachshund mix. She's about 12 lbs, dog-friendly, cat-friendly and great with people. She recently had puppies (photos right below mom's). Now she's got a new home of her own.


Meatball - Adopted

Meatball set a RAD record. She got adopted just about as soon as we made her available. Way to go Meatball!!!!


Niners - Adopted

Niners is a beautiful blue 1 1/2-year-old neutered, male Pit mix who suffered a multi-dog attack in his previous home. Niners was badly hurt but made an amazing recovery. He had to have his left ear flap removed and well as most of his right ear flap. But now he's found a very special home committed to weekly ear cleanings.


Ruby - Adopted

Ruby is an eight-week-old female found on a busy highway all by herself. She loves people; and although other dogs seems to be foreign to her, with slower intros she has quickly become the center of the fun in her foster home. And now she has a forever home of her own.


Tobin - Adopted

Tobin came to RAD from the decompression Program at the shelter. We're so happy that this shy, gentle boy has found a home of his very own.


Phoenix - Adopted

Phoenix is a fun-loving Pit Bull mix who's approximately 2 yrs old and about 65lbs. He loves to play fetch and play with toys. He has a wonderful outgoing personality, knows basic commands, travels well in the car and walks well on a leash. He is house-trained, crate-trained, and loves to chill on the couch and enjoy cuddle time with you. Phoenix especially LOVES the flirt pole and will even walk on the treadmill.


Juliette - Adopted

Juliette is a three-year-old spayed, female Boxer mix. She is quite petite, weighing in at only around 35 lbs. She good with other like-sized dogs (she hasn't been around dogs smaller that herself). A bit shy and timid, her new forever home gives her the perfect environment to let her open up and become comfortable in her surroundings.


Nina - Adopted

Meet Nina! A 2 1/2 year old petite female Boxer. Nina has love and energy to spare and loves to go for a run! Nina gets along well with other dogs of all sizes but has not been tested with cats. Nina loves to chase balls, play with a soft toy or chew on a Nylabone, but cuddling seems to be this little girl's favorite activity. This baby girl has a sweet disposition, she can be shy on first meeting but will warm up to you in no time.


Rigel - Adopted

Rigel is a one-year-old male, neutered Lab/Boxer mix. He was named for the brightest star in the constellation, Orion. That’s because he is a happy shining star. He's a super happy boy who brings a smile to everyone’s face. He likes to put his head in your lap and go to sleep. He has good house manners and is house trained. He is a very confident boy and adjusts well to new situations.”


Coral Berry - Adopted

Coral (Berry) is a four-year-old spayed, female Pitbull mix who came to our friends at Gorda Gives Back to work on her fear issues. She's found a terrific human who understands her need for space as well as her lack of trust in humans and is working to improve that.


Pluto - Adopted

Bluto is our calm, independent, napping, sunbathing senior. He is so mellow, housebroken and enjoys car rides, but usually just naps thru them.



Elle - Adopted


Reyna - Adopted


Bubba (AKA Rukus) - Adopted


Panda (AKA Rebel) - Adopted


Connor - Adopted


Raspberry - Adopted


Baby Rad - Adopted